Racing Bikes

Why the Bicycle Garage?

Quality, Service, flexibility. These are the foundations of my company.
Clear estimate up front, no surprise later.

I can build a personalised bike to your liking as well, or bring your current bike to a higher level.
If you want to order your new bike yourself on the internet, you can have it delivered at my shop, I’ll put it together and re-adjust the brakes and gears, and straighten the wheels, so it will function like you expect from a new bike.
I can help you ordering your bike and advise you on your choice if you’re not a specialist.

Brands by the Bicycle Garage are: Ridley, Zannata, Time, Colnago, Kuota, Sensa, Conway.

Here are a few examples of my bikes.

Time First
Ridley Fenix alu
Ridley Fenix carbon